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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable and promote opportunities for people worldwide to make better life for themselves, their families and their loved ones. ICE LOTTO gives people worldwide the solution of maximizing their opportunities and investments by enabling them to purchase lottery tickets from the official, formal and legal lotteries worldwide. We know that achieving our mission will help many people making their dreams come true.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated and committed to our clients and all people who would want to make their dreams come true using our service. We are committed that our service will be rendered at a high level to achieve the highest level of satisfaction of our clients. We are committed to maximize our clients' opportunities and satisfaction by always improving our service. Few of the ways we will do such a thing is having the option to take part in the major official lotteries worldwide,trying to increase the winning chances of our clients, giving as much information and statistics as we can to help our clients take the best decisions, etc.


Our Advantage

We, at ICE LOTTO, invest our best efforts to ensure our clients maximize their opportunities and investment. We work with a professional team of statisticians and mathematicians to increase the winning odds for our clients. We evaluate the major official lotteries worldwide, their winning odds and statistical data while maximizing and improving our clients' investments.

Our Enviroment

We invested and continue to invest huge efforts in a tailor made environment for our clients. We are focused on our clients' needs and making sure everything is easy, secured and friendly to use. This will ensure that our clients will be able to achieve their best on their investment.We have a network of professional agents who successfully render a personal service to all our clients around the world.This professional and personal network of agents makes sure that our clients receive a personal service and are able to choose their personal lucky numbers for each lottery they decide around the world.

Who We Are

This site is owned and operated by Y&M Hans Management Limited from Limassol, Cyprus. It provides the value added courier service, allowing people, from various locations worldwide, to purchase lottery tickets solely of official, formal and legal lotteries and only from official lottery vendors.

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